The Femme-Foodie


Friend, Sister, Girlfriend, Animal Lover and Informal Cookie with a green thumb : )

Before I started this blog, I spent most of my spare time cooking and baking such an extravegant amount of food that no one woman can consume. Most of this was praised by my family, friends and boyfriend who enjoyed the abundance of extra yummies laying around the house.  These reactions have gone from “This is amazing, look at this food !” to “This is amazing, but look at this kitchen !”.  So instead of forcing my loved ones to soley observe my culinary expressions, who else better to share this with than the community of bloggers!

Growing up in an Italian household, I’ve always been exposed to fresh, aromatic food. I can remember the days, as if it were yesterday, of my nonna spending endless hours in the kitchen to prepare delicious eggplant parmasean, savoury veal meatballs, zucchini frittatas, and pasta sauce with the freshest herbs and spices.  All of her passion for taste must have rubbed off on me, because I can’t think of a more enjoying way to express my creativity or appreciation for my friends – through food!

I may be new to the blogging world, but my passion for great food is not short-lived. I’m looking forward to sharing my own easy and fun recipes with you all, as well as those from other wonderful foodies that can inspire even the most discouraged cook!

Love, Puppies and Chocolate,

Justina Teresa

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